Hey there!

Happy senior year! I am so honored that you are considering me to capture your senior photos. I look

forward to chatting with you and assisting with planning your senior session from finding a location, choosing outfits,

and capturing your happy dance as you move into the next chapter of your life! Join me as I walk you

through the beginning parts of booking a senior session!


Choosing a location can be a bit challenging when trying to narrow down the style you are wanting for your session. Pinterest to the rescue! Once you figure out a style (casual, formal, woodsy, dramatic, downtown) then you can choose a location that best fits. 


Again, Pinterest to the rescue! Now that you have your location and style figured out, we need to decide what fits best! If you are going for a downtown look, solid colors will look best to help you from blending in from the busy background of the city. If you are wanting more of a relaxed, casual look then pastels, or light patterns would look great as the background of botanical gardens or a local park would be simple and not distracting. 


WOO HOO! It's time for your session! Break out the confetti canon and relax. Let me do all of the work now as we spend the afternoon together capturing these special memories in a beautiful location! 


Senior sessions begin at $150. These sessions are can be as simplistic as you'd like or as adventurous as your wildest dreams!